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List of the Hong Kong Government and Private Organization Scholorships

Loan's title
Organisation Society Qualification Method for collecting the Application Forms Others
HKCAC Scholarship Hong Kong Communication Art Centre

Expertise Diploma Student

Tin Hou:No. 1, Kings Road, Tin Hou
Wan Chai:No.385 Hinning House, 3rd Floor, Hennessy Road
Yau Ma Tei: No. 498 Commercial Building, 3rd Floor, Nathan Road
Tsuen Wan: Ground Floor - 3rd. Floor, No.91-93 Hoi Par Street

Grantham Scholarships Fund

葛量洪獎學金委員會Grantham Scholarships Fund


F.4-F.7 Full-time Student

Depends on Family Condition

(月8月政務科信託基金組 (Tel: 25199141)

Secretary of the Grantham Scholarships Fund Committee, 34/F, Wu Chung House, 213 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong at telephone number 25199141.


Granted Students are Still Available to Have Other Sponsorships

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship Funds


Collaborated by Hong Kong Jocky Club and Sing Tao Daily

- 中四至中七F.4-F.7 Students
- 家庭經濟有困難 Have Financial Difficulties in Family
- 申請人在學成績及操行符合基金需求Meet the Stantards of the Acdemic Grades and Behaviour
- 申請人未因獲其他同類資助而使學費全免Tuition is Not Fully Covered by Other Funds of the Applicant

- 七月各星島中心、賽馬會助學金辦事處 (Tel:27982450)
- 各區政務處

獲資助學生不能接受其他同類資助Granted Students Are Not Available to Have Other Sponsorships
Sing Tao Foundation Students' Loan Fund 香港扶輪社暨星島基金貸款助學遴選委員會Joint Selection Committee of the Hong Kong Rotary Club Students' Loan Fund and Sing Tao Foundation Students' Loan Fund - 中四至中七F.4-F.7 Students
- 視乎家庭經濟Depends on Familiy Condition
- 學校推薦School Reference Required
- 校務處、學生事務處
- 全年All Year
學生資助辦事處 (Tel:28021686) Student Financial Assistance Agency

獲資助學生須簽署還款承諾書,以保證將來完成學業後,分期償還貸款Granted Students Should Sign the Payback Commitment to Guarantee that the Loan Will be Paid Off After Graduate
Government Matriculation Maintenance Grants 教育署 Education Bureau - 中六、中七課程F.6-F.7 Students
- 學費全免才可申請Only Eligible for Whose Tuition Has Been Covered
- 已領取綜援者不可以申請Not Eligible For CSSA Receipients
- 9月至10月September- October
- 學生資助辦事處 (Tel: 28021636) Student Financial Assistance Agency

Agricultural Products Scholarship Fund
農產品/海洋魚類獎學基金顧問委員會 中四至中七F.4-F.7 Students
- 六月至八月June-August
- 漁農處、農業推廣辦事處及漁類統營處聯絡員
- 總部辦事處拿取表格

Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme 社會福利署Social Welfare Department - 任何級別Eligible For Any Level
- 視乎個別個案而定Depends on Specific Cases

全年各區社會福利處會保障部All Year in any social security field unit.


Local Officials Children Education Allowance (L.E.A)


Hong Kong Government

- 公務員子女Children of Civil Service Workers
- 任何級別

Eligible for Any Level

全年各政府部門主管祖部門秘書 政府公務員福利 Welfare for Government Civil Service Workers
Student Travel Subsidy Scheme



- 任何級別

Eligible for Any Level


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