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Rules and Regulations for Students
(I) General Rules

  1. Respect and obey the instructors.
  2. Be punctual. Prior approval from instructors is required if students have to be absent or leave early. No student would be allowed to stay after school without approval.
  3. Students should not raise money, distribute printed matters, or conduct any commercial activities in our centres. Students should not contact any other parties or make announcement in the name of HKCAC, without our approval.
  4. Please take good care of all the materials and equipments inside classrooms.
  5. You should always bring with you your student ID card when you attend the classes. Please re-apply the student ID card immediately if you have lost it. The administration fee is $50. If you cannot provide the necessary information and documents, you will also need to pay the fee.

(II) Proper Behaviour

  1. Appropriate behavior is necessary inside or outside school. No stealing, smoking, fighting, gambling, spitting, scrawling is allowed. Any students who violate the specified rules and regulations will be warned and punished. For criminal offence, the school will have recourse to the police.
  2. Please take good care of all materials and facilities in the school. Student will take all the responsibility if any injury due to misuse of materials and equipments. Compensation is required if there is any damage.
  3. All students should observe the proper classroom discipline, and remain silent without leaving the school area during the lessons.
  4. Please keep quiet when you are going upstairs or downstairs as well as passing the corridor.
  5. No eating and drinking is allowed inside the library, laboratory, computer rooms, art rooms and classrooms.
  6. Prior approval of the instructors is required if students have to enter the hall, staff rooms and classrooms.
  7. Please report to the staff if any unknown property or belongings are found.

(III) Attendance and Punctuality

  1. Students must bring their student ID cards everyday, for signing in and out. Students who have not signed in with valid student ID cards will be regard as absent.
  2. Students should not sign in for their classmates.
  3. Students who have been late for 3 times will be regarded as absent once.
  4. If students are absent for 3 times in the same programme without any medical certificate or appropriate reason, they will lose all their marks for attendance.
  5. Students are eligible for graduation only when their attendance rate is above 80%.
  6. Students who need to apply for leave need to present the letter signed by their parents or guardians, and get the approval from the school.
  7. If students are absent due to sickness, they have to inform the school by phone on the day and present effective medical certificate afterwards.

(IV) Assessment and Examination

  1. Students must hand in all assignments on time. The weight of assessment of the subject are as follow:
    Assignment 40% Exam/Final Assignment 50% Attendant and participation 10% (50% is the pass mark)
  2. Students should bring along with their student ID cards when they are attending examinations.
  3. Students who are found to be cheating in examinations will be disqualified and punished.
  4. Examinees have to summit the letter signed by their parents or guardians as well as medical certificate immediately if they cannot attend the examination due to their sickness. In general case, no make-up test or examination will be offered.

(V) Participation in School Activities

  1. Active participation in school activities is strongly suggested. Students who are not available for joining certain activities must summit letters signed by their parents or guardians, or they will be regarded as truancy.
  2. Students must follow the instructions given by instructors in all extra-curricular activities.
  3. Students are not eligible for graduation if they fail their final year projects.

(VI) Drop out and warning notice

  1. The school has the right to collect the unpaid fee if students have not provided appropriate reason in written for dropout 30 days in advance.
  2. Students who violate any rules and regulations of the school, or commit any crimes inside or outside the school will be warned or dismissed.

(VII) Public Examination

  1. Students who have to skip classes for attending public examination must obtain the approval from the school first, or they will be regarded as truancy.
  2. Students may be granted an official leave for the day of examination only, but not before or after the exam.
  3. Students who enroll the public exam but quit the study afterwards will not be given the exam permit. And the school has the right to withhold the report card and any relevant documents.

(VIII) Payment of Tuition Fee

  1. Students must pay the tuition fee before 5th of every month in our centre, otherwise the students may dismissed.
  2. Students must keep the receipt issued by the centre. Students will have to bear the full responsibility if they lose the receipt or documents.
  3. If students have delayed their payment of tuition fee for more than one month without approval, the school’s academic office will not processing the marks or results of their assignments, tests or exams.

All fees in addition to tuition fee should be made payable to:「Hong Kong Communication Art Centre Ltd.」。

(IX) Change in address or telephone number

  1. Student must inform school within 1 week if there is any change in address or telephone number.

(X) Criteria for passing individual Units, promoting to a higher level and awarding of diplomas

    1. A student is given a pass grade for a Unit only when the student has fulfilled the following requirements:
      1. 80% attendance
      2. Achieved grade E or above for the overall assessment
    2. In the case that a student fails to pass a Unit, the student may apply for re-assessment within 30 calendar days from the day of which the results are released. The fee for the re-assessment is HK$550. Otherwise, the student would give-up the chance of the reassessment and would have to retake the Unit.
    3. In the case that a student achieves 80% of attendance, the student may choose to apply for supplementary classes (For each Unit, Unit tuition fee will be at 50% of the normal fee. e.g. Diploma Unit HK$1350 and Higher Diploma Unit HK$2750.) If the application is not completed within 30 calendar days from the day of which the results are released, the student would give-up the chance of the supplementary classes and would have to retake the Unit.
    4. The fee of retaking a Unit is the full normal fee: e.g. Diploma Unit HK$2750 and Higher Diploma Unit HK$5500.
    5. A student is promoted to a higher level of studies or awarded a Diploma only when they have fulfilled all of the following requirements:
      1. Achieved a minimum of a pass grade for all the Units of the course
      2. Demonstrated satisfactory conduct
      3. For students of the Colleges of Design, Multimedia and Performing Arts, completed and passed their final year project in the Graduation Exhibition
      4. Paid the appropriate fees

    (XI) Arrangement during Severe Weather

    1. Whey the typhoon signal No.8 is hoisted or the black rain signal is issued, the school will close and there will be no classes on the day. No make-up classes will be arranged. (If the typhoon signal No.8 and black rain signal are cancelled before 7:00am, all morning classes will be resumed as normal. If the typhoon signal No.8 and black rain signal are cancelled before 12:00 noon, all afternoon classes will be resumed as normal. If the typhoon signal No.8 and black rain signal are cancelled before 3:00pm, all evening classes will be resumed as normal.)

    (XII) Copyright issue

    1. The copyrights of all students’ assignments, reports, models, costumes and final year projects belong to HKCAC, which are not transferable or publishable for personal interest without the approval of HKCAC.
    2. For all the design works or assignments or projects produced by students, if there are any legal issues out of the breach of copyright, students should fully responsible for all the legal consequences.

    (XIII) Academic Report/Diploma/Final Year Project

    1. Academic report and diploma will be distributed by the end of December each year.
    2. A publication of final year project will be distributed during the graduation ceremony of the following year.

    Students who violate the rules and regulations above will be properly punished.


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