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  1. All applicants must complete the application form accurately and in BLOCK LETTERS. All applications will be dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis.申請人必須以正楷填寫報名表,取錄以先到先得方式處理。
  2. To reserve a place within a course, applicants may fax their application to our Head Office but the place will be confirmed only when the full tuition payment is received 7 days before program commencement. 申請人可將填妥之報名表格傳真至本校留位,但必須於開課前7天繳交學費,學額將在收到付款紀錄後方可確認。
  3. Payment methods :



Bank transfer: Tuition fees can be made payable to:-

Creditor: Hong Kong Communication Art Centre Ltd.
A/C No.: Hong Kong Bank 047-671813-838 or
Creditor: University of Communications (Hong Kong) Ltd.
A/C No.: Dao Heng Bank 454-548006309






*Please send a copy of the bank pay-in slip together with the application form to our School by fax or by mail for our records. 請把銀行收條傳真或郵寄到本校

Post:Please send the application form 請將填妥之報名表及 and a crossed cheque to Hong Kong Communication Art Centre Ltd. 3/F, Henning House, 385 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.劃線支票寄No.385 Hinning House, 3rd floor, Hennessy Road,Hong Kong 香港灣仔軒尼詩道385號軒寧大廈3字樓
Payable to支票抬頭:Hong Kong Communication Art Centre Ltd. 香港傳藝中心有限公司

Unless otherwise specified, all students please participate by refering to the program start dates & venues as advertised. 除另行通知外,各學員請照開課時間及地點出席。Places and fees of successful applications are not transferrable or refundable unless: 已報名或已繳費之課程,一概不得更改或退款。

  • Application is unsuccessful 申請未獲接納
  • Alterations of the program , eg. program cancelled 課程被取消
  • The commencing date of the course is postponed for more than 12 weeks for courses in Art & Design, Advertising and Public Relations, and 8 weeks for Language courses. 設計/廣告/公共關係課程延遲多於12星期開課,語言課程延遲多於8個星期

All requests for refunds or transfers must be made before the course commences. If students have sufficient reasons with written notice and testimonials, and HKCAC approves such applications. refund may be given. ($200 will be charged for changing classes) 5% of the tuition fee would be charged as administration fee on all refunds. 所有退款或轉班必須在開課前申請學員有充足理由証明,並得校方批準。(轉班手續費為港幣二百圓正),所有退學申請,將收取學費5%作為行政手續費,所有退款將於一個月內以劃線支票支付

Note 其他事項
  1. The school reserves the right to change the time, venue and tutor for courses when necessary. 如有特殊情況,本校保留更改上課時間、地點及教師的權利。
  2. Should the class fall onto one of the bank holidays, or the special evenings listed below (New Year's Eve, Halloween, Winter Solstice, Christmas Eve, Lunar New Year's Eve, Mid-Autumn Festival), the class will be suspended and postponed to the same schedule in the following week. Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Administration Office. 公眾假期及特別節慶 (除夕、萬聖節、冬至、平安夜、農曆新年及中秋節),所有夜間課程將順延一週於同一時間上課,如有任何問題請與本校職員聯絡。
  3. No classes will be held when typhoon signal No. 8 or above / Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted. According to the notice made by the Education Department, no alternative sessions will be arranged. (Classes will resume if typhoon signal No. 8 or above / Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered before 3:00PM for evening classes, 12:00 Noon for afternoon classes and 7:00AM for morning classes). 當八號颱風訊號已懸掛或天文台發出黑色暴雨訊號,學校當日停課,按教育署通告,不設補課。 (如八號颱風訊號/ 黑色暴雨警告訊號於上午7時除下,上午校將照常上課;中午12時前除下,下午校照常上課;下午3時前除下,夜校照常上課。)

Certifications of attendance: 證書及出席率

Students who have attended 80% or more of a course may apply for a certificate of attendance from one week before until one year after course completion. The handling charge is HK$50 and advance payment is required. 學生於該課程內出席率達百分之八十者可於課程結束前一星期或課程已結束一年內申請本校頒發之證書,申請時須繳付手續費二十圓正。

All personal information may be used for marketing research purposes. 所有個人資料將用作市場研究.
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