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Corporate Service
Translation Service

The translation company provides translation and annotation services, managed by experienced professionals. This centre also provides different kinds of Language Related services, including writing and editing skills. This centre provides over ten language translations. By translating mutually in China and Britain in the domain, we are in the line of authority. As we govern the translation team, each translating teacher has at least 15 years of experiences.

Translation language type: Chinese (standard spoken and Guang Fuhua), English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and so on.

Our high innate nature Translation services covering trade, law, finance, official business, culture, and literary arts. Our enterprise and individual customer comes from different job categories, ranging from government department to personal organization.


Commercial prospectus, council book, annual report, financial report, investment report, market plan and propaganda material, and each kind of commercial publication.


Contract, lease, court action and report, articles of incorporation, certificate and other legal documents.

The technical fields:

Operation manual, scientific research report, the system instruction booklet, the academic article, periodical, news release.

The services:

This centre has a huge language team, we provide a series of related language service, including a specialized edition, translation, compilation, services and proofreading.

We take professionalism, quality services seriously.

The range of services are as follows:

Language nature
Commercial nature
Law nature
Science and technology nature.


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