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Youth Pre-employment Training Programme Module C & D

Youth Pre-employment Training Programme

The HKCAC has many years of experience in the Youth Pre-employment Training Program, with a wide variety of programs suitable for young adults.

Computer application skill training basic curriculum) and the computer application skill training (enters step curriculum) will prepare students for tests at the Hong Kong information science and technology Centre.

Various units curriculum have classes in Hong Kong Island (Tin Hau, Wan Chai), Kowloon (Youmadi), and New Territories (Tsuen Wan), which are all close to MTR stations.


Computer Application skill training (basic curriculum)

Curriculum content:

Includes computer basic concepts, work system application, Microsoft Office software application, Chinese input method, Internet browsing, and email transmission.


Computer Application skill training

Curriculum content:

The Microsoft Office software enters the step application, the image software application, image software application (i.e. PhotoShop, freehand, PageMaker), homepage manufacture (i.e. HTML, Dream weaver, Flash), and Cang jie input method training.

Primary accountant training

Curriculum content:

The introduction of enterprise organization including: sole ownership, partnerships, limited companies, book-keeping principles, record and posting various accounts, bank intercourse adjustment table, forming short-term partnership, tax affairs, bills, record sales, analysis establishment, the application of the Microsoft Office software, English and Mandarin.

Fashion Design Training

Curriculum content:

Skills in fashion design, cartography of clothing designs, studies on clothing material, cartography of the proportion of human bodies, posture description, sketching of human bodies, designing on the spot, understanding the present designs in the market, season demands, computer software application (i.e. Photoshop, PageMaker, Freehand, Illustrator), professional English and Mandarin.


Advertisement Design training

Curriculum content:

Basic design introduction, advertisement synopsis and development, design concept and skill, media choice, introduction of playbill design, visual expression skill, printing introduction, the typeface choice o9f utilization, picture arrangement, computer software application (i.e. Photoshop, PageMaker, Freehand, Illustrator), Professional English and Mandarin.


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