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The Hong Kong government has in recent years been actively promoting our creative industry, giving a most-welcomed boost to the development of culture and the arts of the city. The objective of the West Kowloon Cultural District, for example, was to give Hong Kongs creative potential free rein in pursuit of a world-class cultural centre.

Indeed, the fame of this bustling city has lain not only in its being a well-developed financial hub, but also a melting pot where Eastern and Western cultures converge and interact. Outstanding local designers in Interior Design, Product Design and Graphic Design, etc., have, as a case in point, been under international spotlight thanks to their award-winning pieces in design competitions and exhibitions, local and overseas. Their diligence and ingenuity have contributed to the present international status enjoyed by the design and creative industries of Hong Kong. With the entrance of Mainland China into WTO, its breath-taking political and economic development, and advancement in information technology, the demand for creative industry and product promotion is expected to be on the dramatic rise. Meanwhile, in response to globalization, concerns over the conservation and development of local cultures are raised, whereas efforts also made to strive for a global culture of harmony, open-mindedness and mutual inclusiveness.

The Hong Kong Art and Design Festival aims not only at discovering and providing new bloods for the local design and creative industry, but also at showcasing the creative products of the industry for a fruitful exchange among local designers, industry investors and the general public. Through the exhibition, we mean to promote local cultures of Hong Kong, including transnational Hong Kong local designs and unique Hong Kong local culture; recognize and honor pioneers in the creative industry; elicit attention and active response to local cultures and creative industry from the general public; and last but not the least, enhance local consciousness and identity. All in all, we hope to play our part in contributing to the promotion and popularization of the creative industry.

How to exhibit
--promotion of local works of design abroad
--introduction and publicity of the latest software in creative industries
--promotion of the significance of education, and that of creative industries
--sharing with client
--establishment/promotion of your own brand among publicity professionals, local and regional
--demonstration of your latest product and design
--establishment and enhancement of your relationship with the creative industry



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