Pingu's English Why Pingu's English?

Why Pingu's EnglishPingu's English Is Educationally Sound, High Quality, Trustworth And SafeWith so many different Children's English courses available, it can be difficult to know which course is the right one for your child.  So how do you make such an important decision?

Educationally sound, high quality, trustworthy and safe are just some of the factors you need to consider. So too is a course that keeps your child entertained, motivated and, most of all, happy.

Pingu's English delivers all this and more.


Pingu is a charming, mischievous penguin known and loved by children (and adults!) around the world. Your child cannot fail to be captivated by Pingu and his daily adventures in the snow and ice of the South Pole.

The storylines and interaction between Pingu, his family and friends reflect true family life and interaction as a social group.  Pingu's English is the most realistic, true to life Children's English course available that teaches your child genuine, useable English.

Gradual Progression to Ensure Success

Pingu's English is centred around a spiral, topic-based syllabus and learning methodology that has been designed and developed by a team of leading English language and child education specialists.

The four types of learning experience your child will encounter as they progress through the 3 levels of Pingu's English will ensure a gradual building of knowledge, and confidence, in all four key language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

A Range of Stimulating and Entertaining Learning Resources

Unlike many other Children'sEnglish language training products, Pingu's English provides a wide range of multimedia learning materials and support resources for your child, you (the parent) and your child teacher all based on the award-winning Pingu television episodes.

From study books, song and story books, audio CDs and DVDs to high value online and interactive content, tests, games and exercises, the fun and stimulating Pingu's English materials and activities help motivate your child whilst keeping them focused on learning English, whatever their learning style or ability.

Social and IT Skills

In addition to teaching your child English, Pingu's English also provides valuable lessons in respect of socialisation, numeracy and computer skills, all developed around a central set of Pingu animation.

Cooperation through pair-work and group work, how to listen to instructions, motor skills for pencil control and letter recognition, creative skills and basic computer skills are just some of the additional benefits of Pingu's English.

The Expertise And Experience Of The Linguaphone GroupThe Expertise and Experience of the Linguaphone Group

Pingu's English is brought to you by the Linguaphone Group, one of the world's leading providers of English language training with over 100 years of language teaching experience.

Founded in 1901, the Linguaphone Group is committed to providing English language training solutions to help both adults and children around the world better understand and communicate with each other.