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HKADF Digital Photo Competition

The photo competition is meant to promote public knowledge of local creative industries. Entries are expected to enhance the understanding of Hong Kong as a cosmopolitan.

Theme title 1) HKADF Snapshots (details)
Theme title 2) Go Fad, Go Fashion (details)

Application is open to HKSAR citizens of all ages.

Awards and Prizes

Champion, first runner-up and second runner-up for each theme title.

Theme title 1) HKADF snapshots

The objective is to capture the bustles of the Hong Kong Art and Design Festival through snapshots of exhibits, modeling contestants and the like, in order to engage public participation in and response to local cultural and creative industries.


Photo entries should be representative and be able to present in concrete terms the essence of the Hong Kong Art and Design Festival. Lively portrayals of any aspect and precious moment of the event are invited.


Contestants will take photos in the Festival venue between Aug 3 & 6, 2007. 4R sized photo, a disc or CD with the digital file concerned, together with an application form attached to each submitted photo, should be submitted to specified collection venues. Application can also be submitted by post or in person to offices of our school centres.


5 pm on Aug 31, 2007 (As postmarked in postal application) No late application will be accepted

Theme title 2) Go Fad, Go Fashion

The objective is to explore cultural labels of different eras in Hong Kong as a society that blends the East with the West, including topics of mutual coordination, mutual inclusiveness, interaction and clashes between the novel and the traditional.


Photographic presentation of the theme ¡§Go Fad, Go Fashion¡¨ should revolve around Hong Kong. Lively portrayals deploying any range of photo-taking techniques are invited.


Contestants are asked to submit hardcopies of 8R sized photos, their digital files saved in discs or CDs, together with application forms attached to each submitted photo, either by post or in person to offices of our school centres. Envelopes should indicate ¡§Cultural Cosmopolitan Photo Competition.¡¨Application forms are available at our Centre, and downloadable from the homepage of HKAFD (www.hkartdesign.com)


5pm on Aug 11, 2007. (As postmarked in postal application) No late application will be accepted


Applicants must agree on all regulations and ordinances applicable to the competition

  • Entries must come in the form of a 8R-sized photo together with a disc or CD of digital files
  • Entries must not be award winners from any other photo competition
  • While a contestant may apply to both theme titles, the number of entries for each theme title must not exceed three
  • An application form must be attached to each entry. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any entry on the grounds of incomplete application, false information, lack of entry files or for any other reasons.
  • Contestants are themselves legally responsible for entries which involve plagiarism or violation of copyrights
  • HKCAC is entitled to the free use of all entries for promotional, exhibition and publication purposes. Submitted works and their files will not be returned.
  • HKCAC reserves the right to any changes made to the regulations, award and any other arrangements concerning the competition.
  • The list of award winners and their works will be shown on the HKADF homepage (www.hkartdesign.com) after the award presentation ceremony.

HKADF Digital Photo Competition 2007
Application Form

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