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Dear Mr. Li Gang, the Honorable Tommy Cheung Yu-yan, ladies and gentlemen, parents and students, good afternoon.

With your tremendous support, Hong Kong Communication Art Center is continuing to make consistent and encouraging progress in both academic quality and professional development. This is not just a proud principal speaking. Others outside the Centre are also recognizing our quality and commitment. Last year, HKCAC was honored as one of the 10 outstanding BTEC Schools in Asia by the Business and Technology Education Council of Great Britain. This year, HKCAC has become the first school ever authorized by BTEC's London headquarters to provide the degree-equivalent Level 6 course. In other words, this Chinese institution was invited to propose the first BTEC at Level 6 in the world, a marvellous tribute to the excellence of our performance in both course development and teaching. Guided and assisted by our professional and caring staff, our students too have acquired many prestigious awards and strong academic results. We are united and committed to facing any challenge the future may offer.

In response to the government¡¥s encouragement of creative industries development, HKCAC established the ¡§Hong Kong Art & Design Festival¡¨ last year and selected 10 outstanding designers in Hong Kong to promote Hong Kong design and designers in the local as well as international context. This year, with support from more than 40 organizations, we went on to create the Outstanding Greater China Design Award to promote cultural exchange in design throughout Greater China. In future years , we seek to globalize the spirit of Hong Kong design education and ensure that Hong Kong design education will make an outstanding contribution to the world.

Dear friends, once again, thank you for joining us. With your superb support and our enduring passion, our dream to cultivate an Outstanding Generation, realizing a Wonderful Hong Kong, will come true.

Thank You!
William T.M. Eng

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